About Photo

Kaleb Scott Photographs celebrates the beauty in life… whether it’s a person, a product or a place. Creating “effortless beauty” is anything but effortless. It takes vision, technique and patience.


I’m always drawn to the “wow” factor in life. Clients come to me for something eye-catching, sometimes with a flare for fun or drama. As a 3rd generation artist, I’ve been lucky enough to have careers in both the visual and performing arts, throughout the world. Whether teaming with corporations on national ad campaigns or working with individual clients, I draw from my expertise in composition, lighting and digital manipulation to create dynamic custom visuals.


Life is a stage. After years in the theatre, that’s how I think about it. So photography is a perfect fit for my art and theatre backgrounds. Marketing for major corporations for 25 years doesn’t hurt either. Collaborating with clients and Kaleb keeps me motivated and inspired.